7 Things To Do After You've Set Up Camp

7 Things To Do After You've Set Up Camp - EST Gear
One of the number one questions I get when I tell people I camp regularly is what I actually do when I get there. After the hiking, cooking and setting up camp what is there to actually DO?
Here is a list of fun things I love to do to pass the time and keep from being bored.
  1. Take pictures
It may come as a shock to many of you, but most of the pictures I take when I go camping don’t actually get posted. Many of them I just take for myself, to remind me of what makes this particular trip different from the others. In fact, I purposefully make it a goal of mine to only take 2 IG-worthy pics per trip, that way I can focus on staying mindful and not waste too much trying to get the “perfect” shot.
  1. Card Games
Cards are a really lightweight game you can fit in your backpack and it’s really great way to bring you and your camping companions closer together.
  1. Read
I am accustomed to reading books via the kindle app on my phone so that makes packing a book literally a non-issue. Most of the places I go to hike I don’t have service at, so I’m not even tempted to click away from my book and do something else. If you’re not a big e-reader I suggest getting small, paperback used books from your local thrift store or used book store so they won’t weigh you down and you don’t have to worry about keeping your book perfectly intact. 
  1. Fetch, Tug of War, and Other Fun Doggy Games
Depending on where you’re camping and the rules of the campgrounds you can play a variety of games with your dogs. I never recommend letting dogs off leash in areas where it’s forbidden so tug of war or even just a nice belly rub can be a nice option. If you do feel it’s safe, fetch is always a fun go-to that is sure to delight your 4-legged companion. 
  1. Journaling
Where you’re a seasoned journaler or not, jotting down your adventures is a great way to keep the memory alive. If you don’t journal daily I suggest keeping an adventure notebook in your backpack so you can mark down fun anecdotes about all of your adventures. Remember, like the photographs, this is for you. Bullet notes, spelling errors and sloppy handwriting is all acceptable.
  1. Camping Hobbies
Camping often leaves you with a lot of time on your hands which means it is a great opportunity to explore a new hobby (or revisit an old one). If you’re not sure where to begin take along a book (see above) about a topic or craft you think you may be interested in or watch videos before your trip to get inspired. Some of my favorite suggestions are camping cooking, bird watching and wood carving. 
  1. Meditate
At least half of our readers will cringe at this one, but that’s OK. Meditating, while beneficial on a daily basis can be especially magical while camping. It can help bring you back into the moment and focus on the beauty that’s all around you. My favorite book on meditating is “Bliss More” it’s a really practically non-”woo woo” guide to meditating that makes it seem so much less intimidating. 
Is there any camping activities you LOVE to do that I missed? Let me us know down below!