Best (Cheap) Gifts To Give An Adventurer

Best (Cheap) Gifts To Give An Adventurer - EST Gear

Best (Cheap) Gifts To Give An Adventurer 

I’ve compiled a list of the best gifts you can give your adventure-loving friends and family, and best of all, they’re all experiences!

The Great Outdoors

From national parks to popular trails, there are plenty of options. Consider gifting them a pass to an area nearby or give them the gift of your time and go hiking for free! A cool way to actually “gift” this gift, is to give them a map, with an area you’d like to visit with them circled and a list of dates you can go. Put the map inside a clear water bottle and maybe a little energy bar too and you’ve got a cute and totally unforgettable gift you’ll love giving. 

Boats, Boats, Boats

From sailing to kayaking to a whale watching tour (depending on where you live) going out to sea is a really fun way to spend an afternoon. The great thing about this gift is it’s not something your giftee is probably able to do often (or ever) so they’ll appreciate the novelty of a new and rare experience. 

Run a race together

Training with a partner increases the fun factor and decreases the likelihood either of you will give up. Pick a race (maybe in one for charity) and put all the info into a package similar to the one I described above.

Bird watching

A quick google will most likely lead you to a surprising amount of results in your area. It is a calm, much more meditative sort of adventuring, but certainly worthwhile. It would make a lovely, unexpected gift for any introspective nature-lover.

Spend an evening under the stars

This gift is completely free, but unequivocally special. You can research upcoming celestial events and pick a great place to view them. This is a great romantic gift or a fun gift for a friend you don’t get to see often and want to have more one-on-one time with.