Why do you need a shovel for camping?

Why do you need a shovel for camping? - EST Gear

Packing light is an essential part of camping, so it can be important to know which tools are essential and which can be left behind.

While a shovel may not seem that immediately important, most experienced campers know just how important and essential it is. A shovel's main uses (when it comes to camping and other outdoor excursions) are as follows: to dig a hole for defecation, to move embers around in a campfire, to dig a rain trench around your tent, to level ground to pitch a tent, to dig a fire pit and for off-roading mishaps.

While shovels do come in many different sizes and weights, when it comes to camping, a foldable, lightweight shovel is ideal, so it's easy to carry around on long journeys without weighing you down or taking up too much space.

EST Shovel

The EST Gear multitool, foldable shovel is a great option because not only is it an excellent shovel, it also functions se 17 other additional and essential camping tool such as an axe, firestarter, ice pick, saw, bottle opener, and a compass. The shovel has a hardened-steel, reinforced shovel head that is tough enough for any situation and the military-grade aluminum handle makes it lightweight and easy to work with.