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Great bit of Kit

not the cheapest out there, but it is very good quality and so far seems to stand up to the jobs I’ve thrown at it.
Packs up small but not lightweight so it doesn’t buckle on its first use.
Great bit of kit.
Only negative i have is the delivery time, but once I chased them to see if I'd been forgotten, it was here within the week, so excellent customer service as well.

Outstanding Shovel

This is a solid well built piece of equipment. I am confident it will hold up when I take it out in the spring of 2020 to test it out. The customer service is great as well. I was sent the wrong item initially, but CS responded quickly and shipped out the shovel super fast to me.

I like this

This looks and feels very sturdy and comfy to carry. Packable bags are usually nothing to shout about, this one is very cool.

Looks good.

Haven't had call to use it but it looks good

EST Emergency Bivvy

Useful piece of equipment, well made. Looking forward to using it in the wild.

EST First Aid Kit

Excellent. All the basics to handle scrapes and grazes when adventuring.

EST Duffle Bag

This is a nice product, lots of room. Can be stowed easily but also takes quite a bit of gear. Very useful for wilderness trips.

EST Shovel

Shipping problems sorted very quickly and efficiently. Solid piece of kit, exactly what I needed.

Good Servisce

I received the second shipment with the rest of my order. Everything was the same good quality of the first shipment and provided all the items I had been waiting on. Good Service and kept me informed on the progress as well.

EST First Aid Kit

Great quality

Solid materials and great craftsmanship. Customer service was very nice in helping with the order.

Perfect Shovel


Don't know.

This was a gift for my son and I have no idea if he likes it or does not. I ordered me one nine days ago but it has not arrived.

Perfect carry Bivy

Great quality bivy perfect for survival situations

EST Packable Duffle Bag

Dig this

Love the new EST shovel. Nice quality aluminum handle. Small and lightweight to take out on hikes.

Perfect little kit

This is a great little first aid kit to keep in a car or bag. It came with like 100 items in it so it's got everything one would need.

EST First Aid Kit

The best survival shovel on the market. This one won't break no matter how you use it.

I really this thing...wish I bought one for every family member...only thing is I wished the axe edge was a little sharper, but I can do that.....bring on the Zombie apocalypse

Best shovel in ever!

The shovel is great lots of tools for the shovel. Strong and well made.

Very good shovel for camping and garden. Thanks

Great little bag

a great bugout bag that packs down to basically nothing and can be stored under a car seat or even in a glove box.


A little heavier than expected, but nothing I can't bring on the mountainhike.

EST Emergency Mylar Camo Blanket

Tactical shovel

I love this thing...wish I bought one for every family member...only thing is I wished the axe edge was a little sharper, but I can do that.....bring on the apocalypse