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Very bright, fits in change pocket, indispensable

I preordered this few months back to replace a larger flashlight I carried. This one fits in my change pocket with its clip, has enough brightness to light up a forest and is extremely durable.

This headlamp checks all the right boxes

This is a comfortable & ergonomic headlamp that illuminates farther & brighter than my others and also provides an excellent amount of peripheral illumination to see both far & wide. It's lightweight & feels balanced - meaning, it's not front-heavy bc of the design. Single button operation is intuitive to use. Easy to tilt up & down. Durable, sweatproof/waterproof for outdoor activities. If you guys could sell the high capacity batteries on their own that would be awesome!

Great Overall Headlamp

Man, I really love this flashlight. The different settings already make it the best flashlight I have ever owned, but not having to replace batteries is a major plus. Charging it through USB is awesome, though with as many things that use USB today, I wish they had a battery dock or something for it. I might just make something for it. Product works as expected and then some. Very sturdy, very good product quality. More durable than anything I have ever owned for light purposes.


Awesome little light. Lightweight, won't kill your head or neck after wearing it for a while. The flashlight is detachable from the head harness which is pretty cool and is held in the harness with rubber rings and you can easily rotate the light to any angle to best suit what you need to illuminate. Battery life seems to be excellent as well. Definitely recommend.

Sean M

Similar to my shovel, the axe is very high quality. Looking forward to using it.

Long battery Life

My favorite thing about the headlamp is that it stays on full brightness for a LONG time. I don't even know how long because the battery hasn't run out yet but I've used it for over an hour the thing just stayed on. I've owned so many flashlights where the full brightness mode lasts about a minute and then dims down. Thanks for making such a cool tool!

The EST Torch L1 Headlamp
Cristian Valdez
Great Addition to the Kit

I purchased the shovel over a year ago and use it every time I go camping. The headlamp seems to be the same quality as the shovel and will be useful for a long time to come.

Worth it's weight in gold during a blackout

If you ever lose power this torch will be the most convenient thing to own. I received mine very quickly in the mail. Thoroughly impressed with it.

High Quality

Very handy, will keep in the car in case of emergencies!

So handy!

You don't realize how handy having an L shaped headlamp is until you have one. Love it!

Comes with a lot of supplies

The first aid kit as very large and has a huge amount of supplies you would ever need in an emergency situation.

This thing is bright

The flashlight is way brighter than i thought it would be. It's very small in the hands but it's the brightest flashlight I ever owned. I used it on the headband taking my garbage down my driveway at night and realized how awesome headlamps really were. It's a bonus that it can be used as a headlamp or a normal flashlight.

Well worth the wait

Fits in any pocket, very small but very very bright. You definitely don't need it on the brightest settings. The pocket clip is removable which I love. 10/10

I need to get intouch with EST, and this is the only option.

I'm about to test your equipment to the extreme, I would like to know if you are interested to know that. you have my email.
Sincerely Dutch.

Fast Shipping

I received my purchase very quickly. The tool is very high quality, I am looking forward to using it later this year.

Excellent shovel

Great shovel, much better than the old e tools. I used the axe to chop up small logs from the last storm. Very compact when unscrewed and put in the pouch. Very happy with my purchase.

Fits perfect

Goes perfect with the axe shovel i purchased, thick tubes and seems very durable. They even fit in the axe carrying case so I don't need the pouch it comes in.


J'ai commandé cet ensemble semaine dernière qui est arrivé très vite et surtout d'excellente qualité.
Je le recommande car une fois en main on ressent toute la qualité du produit.

A serious chopping tool

The shovel is great and the axe is sturdy. Very thick handles, can process firewood quickly and easily. No wobble when chopping and comes apart very easy. Great tool all around.

flawless so far

so far i've been careful. It has worked pretty great until now. I'm curious to test the saw and chop ability of the survival shovel.

Excellent and powerful

Love from the first sight. Nature+ hiking + cannyoning + camping + The EST Gear Survival Shovel™ = AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

A serious chopping tool

The shovel is great and the axe is sturdy. Very thick handles, can process firewood quickly and easily. No wobble when chopping and comes apart very easy. Great tool all around.

Lifetime Warranty is Legit!

During a camping trip, my buddy was very "aggressively" using my shovel as an ax. He ended up breaking the handle. I contacted EST Gear to inquire if I could just purchase the piece of handle that broke. Without any questions, they sent me the entire shovel, handle, carrying case and all accessories at no charge. I received it within 5 days of contacting them. Best customer service I've received in a very long time!

Great Tool!

I have yet to truly use it, but I feel better having it along with my other survival tools! Also, speedy shipping and service!

Good things come in small packages

This little guy has heft.