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Great tool in double pack. So versatile

Great workmanship and well thought thru. Happy that I finally received mine.

Better than expected

It’s ideal for hiking and spending time outside.

The EST Gear Survival Shovel™

great service

great service also to order extra parts

Best dang customer service ever period..

Great shovel! Hard to find good customer service like est


Quality and security. I feel ready to tackle many issues in my journeys.

The EST Gear Survival Shovel™

The EST Gear Survival Shovel™


My husband was very happy to receive this item. We hope to use it camping!!

The EST Gear Survival Shovel

Amazing multi task shovel and best product support ever.

Love this shovel!!!

It’s like the Swiss army knife of shovels. Can’t wait to get a chance to do more than test in the backbyard!

EST Gear Survival Shovel

I bought this as a gift for my husband for Christmas. It looks like it is good quality so I think he will love it.




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The EST Gear Survival Shovel™



Beyond a Shovel

The is not just a mere shovel . It would , will live up to its name “Survival Shovel “ . Great , versatile, compact , disassembled to have with you, can store under seat , emergency bag ( to bad their bag currently sold out , I’d purchase one ) . Would be nice though to see the availability of a sheath /bag to secure / carry it assembled if you wanted that option ( even though the current one comes with can be adapted , just another option be nice to carry fully assembled )
In my opinion Best of the Best , do yourself a favor and go for it. Well worth every $ .
Thank you EST Gear

Survivable shovel

Loved the shovel. Very good quality it will be great to keep in care for those snowy days


Well constructed, multi-use shovel! I feel like the component storage (e.g. whistle or screwdriver) could be stored and held in place more securely. And maybe the compass feels a bit flimsy, but I recommend this product overall.


Super heavy duty tool. Heavy gauge steel and aluminum. Very precisely machined. A tool I feel I could depend upon under any circumstances.

Badass Shovel

Excellent quality. Just an all-around badass survival tool.

The EST Gear Survival Shovel™