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The EST shovel™

The World's Most Capable Adventure Tool.


The EST Shovel™ features 18 tools: shovel, saw, axe, knife, spear, bottle opener, fire starter, wire-cutter, trowel, hexagon wrenches, nail puller, pick, ruler, hook, waterproof storage, screw driver, whistle compass and rope cutter.

Made to Outperform

A hardened-steel, reinforced shovel head is tough enough for any situation and the military-grade aluminum handle makes it lightweight and easy to work with.


Packable, Prepared

The EST shovel™ comes with a convenient packable pouch that’s the perfect addition to any adventure. This lifesaving tool is lightweight and easy to disassemble, so you can keep it anywhere, from your car to your bug-out bag.



“The EST Shovel is like the Leatherman of shovels!”

– Jane S, Waterloo IA.

“Tough, uncomplicated, capable. It's the perfect tool for any adventure.”

– Greg H, Raleigh NC.

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The EST Shovel™

$69.99 $120.00

The EST Shovel™
The EST Shovel™ The EST Shovel™ The EST Shovel™ The EST Shovel™ The EST Shovel™ The EST Shovel™

Designed by avid adventure-lovers to be the perfect all-in-one tool for every outdoor excursion. The EST Shovel™ is the perfect lightweight and versatile outdoor companion.  

  • 420 Hardened-steel, reinforced shovel head 
  • Military-grade aluminum handle

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